How Explorer Gear Came To Be

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We have often shared that the operation we started was small and family based, but have kept our family a bit more private. But as we endeavor to build the Explorer Gear Co. brand we'd like to share a bit more about who we are, why we started and more.

Our founder is me, Collin Guernsey. I am a relatively new transplant to Cincinnati, Ohio and have been running Explorer Gear since roughly July of 2015. I grew up in Ohio all my life after being adopted from Indiana in 1990. As I grew up, I filled my days with outdoor escapades. I vividly remember growing up on a good size piece of land with a large creek in the backyard. In that yard, I learned where to find crayfish, how to take care of ducks and how to enjoy the outdoors thoroughly. One of the coolest things I remember about living in Marion, Ohio at the time was that our neighbor had tame wolves across the street, at my young age this was amazing and so cool to see. Now I don't know if this was legal or any of that stuff, but as a young boy, it gave me, even more, love for the remarkable wildlife that God gave us to enjoy.

Getting older for me meant going through more and more stages of animals and moves and more. Through my life, I can remember having goats, horses, rabbits, sheep, a llama, and much much more. The allure of animals and the outdoors was always there for me, and I loved growing up with such access to it.

In our next home, we didn't have a creek, but we had a significant portion of the wooded area that served as my exploration grounds. As I look back at it, I probably remember it as much larger than it was. But I remember using walk talkies with friends, climbing in my tree fort, and running through the woods, pretending and adventuring to the best of my abilities. This time in my life was when my passion for the outdoors continued to grow further.

As I grew up more and more, I had a passion for faith, which took me to Cedarville University in a tiny town in Ohio. There I studied to become a youth pastor, met my soon to be a wife and learned valuable life lessons. I continued to adventure my way through the outdoors with friends and gained a love even more for random weekends spent camping and roughing it.

I was married in 2014 to my now wife, Molly and we began living life in that little town of Cedarville. Life was grand, and we continued with a love for camping, hiking, and most importantly, each other. She was and is an inspiration to me and has always endlessly supported my crazy ideas. One of our trips after marriage began a new tradition that we have come to very much love. A trip to Montana with our family in 2015 to see Yellowstone sparked even more of my passion and when we returned I was rearing and ready to find an outlet for it

As I looked back on life in 2015, I had a great job at a local church. But I also wanted to turn my passion into something greater. So I started Explorer Gear as a small time blog to review current gear for the outdoor adventurers. In the first year and months, we went through many changes, challenges and more. We have gone through slow times of trying to get out of a heap of gear reviews. We have gone through sad times of loss in our family. And we have gone through happy times over the recent birth of our first child, Blake Elizabeth, in December of 2016.

And now that brings us here in 2017. We are excited and refueled to go hard after helping others explore better in the great outdoors. We love how much of a community has started to form around the idea of exploring better, and we hope to serve you better in years to come and continue to help everyone Explore Better.

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