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Welcome to the new Explorer Gear Co.! We are so very excited about everything that is new around here. So with this post, we wanted to share with you what has gone down and what we plan to do over the coming years. 

We started Explorer Gear out of a passion for helping others "explore better." That can be accomplished either by learning about new gear, being inspired by other individuals adventures and more. We have tried a variety of things, but in our initial year and a half we tried too much and got burnt out. We started this as a family endeavor and with full-time jobs, a baby on the way and more, Explorer Gear took the back seat. 

Well, we decided, it wasn't going to take a back seat anymore. And the reason we chose this was that our passion for helping others "explore better" wasn't going to subside and we knew we had to live passionately to make it happen. 

So this year from Explorer Gear Co. you can plan to see:

Gear Suggestions: We are planning to keep this an integral part of who we are. We'll review new equipment as much as possible and will dedicate a blog page of our site for just gear suggestions. So when you are looking for a new water bottle, or backpack, or anything you can come check out that section and get an idea of what we've tested and what we think. We'll be working to expand our network of reviewers as well to make sure these get done and get out there. 

Inspirational Stories: We love this part of you guys, and your stories have fueled us over the years, whether going out on the PCT or a weekend camping trip, all of those stories inspire us and much more to get outdoors and explore better. This year we'll work to get at least one of these out a week! 

Apparel Lines: This will be how we plan to make our motto "Explore Better" continue. We are not money hungry mongers, but we do have to eat and have some shelter, even if it's a tent! So with these lines, we will seek to support the endeavors of Explorer Gear Co. 

With these lines of apparel, we will be supporting others in their efforts to explore better as well. Each line will help a different cause such as making sure kids get outside, local non-profits and more. 

The original lines we will be starting with shortly after launch are: 

The Smoky Mountain Strong Collection

The National Parks Collection (New National Parks added every month!)

The Explore Your City Collection (New Cities added every month!)

The Chuckles Collection (Funny exploration quips)

Stay tuned for a dedicated blog post on each of these about how they will give back to help others Explore Better!

Thanks to all of you for helping us get where we are today, and we hope that we can continue to serve you well for years to come. 

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