Exploring Tips From The Explorer Gear Co. Community | Issue #1

Posted by Collin Guernsey on

Some of our Explorer Community shared their tips! Share yours on our next share your tip day! 

gnarcalphoto1. Know your weather!

happydumpPack accordingly to your physical abilities!

caityjanemullenStay hydrated💦

kgoldman813Be able to adapt ... Go with the flow. While exploring, you're always at the mercy of mother nature, and she doesn't always have the same plan we do. Sometimes the best adventures happen when we have to change plans at the last minute!! 😊👍

adventuresofwildcodyThat extra bottle of water is worth the weight in the desert!

danii_watsonThe less planned your trip is the better it'll be

jjgametimeNever forget your towel 

oceanpreneurHitchhike on sailboats to be able to explore the unexplored places! ⛵️💙🎉😎

eastcoastexpeditionAlways be open minded! 🌍💙

vanalogAlways take the path less traveled and never second guess it, it will lead to more then you could ever imagine....

soljorntravelersLook at a picture of yourself from a few years earlier and ask what they would wish for you now. Tends to make you braver and makes you more confident that the time is now. Life is short.

tildadventures1- get a dog 2- explore with your dog

philnewtonphotographyKeep every pouch and pocket zipped, closed, fastened, shut, and tie your compass/GPS/backtracker to your belt or bag. Don't lose shit!

scotthuckphotoDo some research on the place you're going. Blogs are often the best resource.

wayfaring_manBe prepared for everything to not go according to plan. It's more fun like that anyways.

greenplaycooperativeKnow how to identify poisonous plants and how to take care of yourself if you've been exposed!

toricathcartphotographyWatch for the cliffs. And those pesky tree roots that like to stick up and trip you.

atlas_diariesThere's no such thing as bad weather....just bad gear choice.

djeeed_Leave it as you found it!

pollypocket225 First of all pack twice, the second time you will eliminate all the things you don't need and add in anything you left out.

pollypocket225 Secondly: stick with your gut feeling. It is probably right.

gregthevan Say hi to everyone that you can

colorado_explored Practice trail etiquette.

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