Exploring Tips From The Explorer Gear Co. Community | Issue #3

Posted by Collin Guernsey on

mkbowen78Check out state parks! They're often much less crowded than national parks, but just as beautiful and exciting

rocketmarie607Always be prepared for a slightly longer trip than planned, so bring a little extra water and snacks! Also try to be overly aware of the weather while expecting the worse!

mattlospyBring a plastic bag to help clean up garbage from your favorite spots or even new spots! Fill up your tank before every trip! Support local gear stores get backpacks flashlights hiking boots etc locally and use travel apps like @big_swings to find new places!!

thepiedmontpirateAlways take something warm and an extra pair of socks

thewild.blondieAlways always make sure to pack coffee and of course your camera. You always want to have a camera at reach on any adventure/trip & for someone who lives on the road in an rv I always keep a little backpack full of treats, water, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit & a warm cozy blanket! Just in case you break down or get caught in a storm!:)

instasham_artistLay out everything you think you need to pack, and then divide it by 3, and add more water & snacks

bandeapothecaryDon't be afraid to test your limits, but be smart about it. Also, a great companion can make things safer and extra fun πŸ‘

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