Hiking With Alpacas

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Alpaca's are amazing creatures with a variety of cool things about them that you should know and understand. So first, a quick run through of fun Alpaca facts!

1. Alpaca's fiber/wool passes the same requirements that the USA has placed on flame resistant material. So we guess you could say if you own an alpaca you own a fireproof animal? Don't quote on this or try it at home.

2. They are easy to maintain and are pretty chill. They love sunbathing, they don't eat too much, and they poop in the same general area every time. So far, it doesn't sound like they are much different than your cat eh?

3. Their fleece is naturally hypoallergenic and in very high demand for this quality.

So now that we've wowed you with cool Alpaca facts let's get down to the fun adventure stuff! Alpaca's are cooler and more useful than they look. While in America, their main appeal is their fiber and for just all around being sweet to have. In other countries their purpose is multi-fold.

In many countries, Alpaca's are used to help pack items along the way during hikes, excursions and just in every day living. They aren't workhorses per se, so people still have to treat them right and not load them down with too much. But they do an excellent job of aiding in carrying about 20%-40% of their body weight to help out the traveler.

Although this method may not always be the most economical for the average hiker if you ever have a chance, we recommend taking a hike with an Alpaca. Though we do want to give you a good warning, If you get to used to not having to carry your bags, you may just always have to take an Alpaca with you on your explorations!

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