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by: Nathan Moniz 

For many of us, any chance to hike is the perfect opportunity to let go of our daily stresses and worries; a chance to let loose and explore our world. I know convenience can sometimes play a factor in where and how we explore but have you ever stopped and pondered what could create “the perfect hike?”

Trees (Earth):

Why: better for your health, increase creativity, insights curiosity, reduces stress.



Why: calming, creates tranquility, insights curiosity of the world beneath the water.

Proof: sea-lakes- rivers-peoples-



Why: relaxing, reduces blood pressure, allows possibility to cook for nourishment



Why: Cardiovascular benefits, adrenaline surge, psychological benefits.

Proof: ssl032511.php

Want more proof that a combination of these four elements makes the “perfect hike?” For this, you’ll have to use your imagination. Picture yourself on a hike through a mixed forest; suddenly you come up to a section of consisting only of evergreens where is your mind at? Big smile? Curious as to where it leads? I Thought so. Now what about as you walk along a babbling brook or creek? You come up to the perfect spot to sit by the water and have a small fire, maybe a hot drink to go with it. I bet you can’t tell me that your soul doesn’t feel that much better and your mind that much calmer. As you come to the end of your hike you take in that last big breath of fresh air; you’re completely at peace. Voila the

perfect hike……..


This doesn’t mean that a hike lacking the combination of all four of the elements isn’t just as beneficial but more so that hike containing all of the elements may in fact be the best for your health; in mind, body and spirit. If you liked this article please come and check out my YouTube channel Happy hiking friends, the world is yours to explore.

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