ENO Echo Bluetooth Speaker Review

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I like to spend Sunday afternoons (after church and a quick trip to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch) nestled up in my ENO hammock with a good book and some good tunes playing on my phone.

Now, as any seasoned hammocker will know, any time you set your phone down in the hammock it inevitably ends up underneath your back and your awesome tunes become extremely muffled. This leads to what I call the “hammock shuffle.” This is a precarious adventure where you try to balance your snack, water bottle, book, and whatever else you may have in your cocoon all on your chest as you dig under your back to retrieve your phone. It must be done without moving your feet and disrupting the puppy sleeping at your toes. As the kids today say, “the struggle is real.”

ENO Echo Bluetooth Speaker Review

Thankfully, the hammock-engineering-geniuses at ENO have found a solution to this problem with their Echo Bluetooth Speaker! The speaker is a round tower about the size and weight of a burger from White Castle or Krystal’s. It is perfect to put in your pocket for a day hike or into your pack for a long hike without adding extra weight or taking up too much space. 

Not only is the speaker the perfect shape and size to not slide underneath you in the hammock, but it also has a built-in hanging hook so you can string it up from a low hanging branch, one of your hammock straps, or your dog’s collar. The speaker is water resistant (IPx4) and has a three hour battery life thanks to its rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery and micro USB are included. 

ENO Echo Bluetooth Speaker Review

A bonus feature that I enjoy is the speakers ability to send and receive phone calls while wirelessly connected to your phone! The speaker comes in bright, vivid colors (or a solid black option for the more serious folk out there) that will help bring a festive mood to any situation! I am continually impressed with the sound quality and volume that Echo produces. 

Next time you want to start a hammocking party in the woods or at your local campsite, the Echo speaker is the way to go.

ENO Echo Bluetooth Speaker Review

I give the ENO Echo Bluetooth Speaker 5/5 stars. It is a lightweight wireless speaker that has enough features to replace any other outdoor speaker equipment you may currently be using. Never endure the struggle of the “hammock shuffle” again and purchase this speaker for only $34.95 today. This would be a wonderful gift to give this holiday season! Check out more photos of this speaker on my Instagram page @carybayless today

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