UCO A-120 Comfort-Fit Headlamp Review

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If I asked you to rate how important light is while on a run or on a trail the answer would always be 10 out of 10, right? Now that we’ve agreed on that, how do you choose the source of light from the numerous options available? Well, the UCO A-120 Comfort-Fit Headlamp should be at the top of your list!

UCO A-120 Comfort-Fit Headlamp Review

UCO boasts that the A-120 headlamp has a comfort-fit, since it is part of the name, and I agree 100%. It is the most comfortable headlamp I have ever worn.  Gone are the days of elastic bands, the UCO A-120boasts about the comfort level of their neoprene straps and I have no complaints. Another big difference I noticed straight out of the package, is how lightweight the lamp is compared to the typical one, which has the lamp and the batteries on your forehead. UCO has separated the lamp part from the batteries, distributing the weight more evenly on your head.  Because there is not a “top heavy” light sitting on your forehead, there isn’t a need to tighten the Velcro strap so much. This headache-free benefit could be the main reason to buy! Of course, the canvas and leather vintage look can’t be ignored either!

UCO A-120 Comfort-Fit Headlamp Review

You’ve heard the saying “Go Big or Go Home”, so my first use of this headlamp was on a 10 mile run. What better way to know if this lamp would pass the test…and it did! I never had to adjust the strap and I didn’t get a headache. Since the weight is evenly distributed, it didn’t feel like there was a rock strapped to my head. My running buddies (and I’m sure the cars too) were appreciative of the tilt feature so that I didn’t blind them with my light! This headlamp has a dial-type dimmer switch, which provides varying amounts of light for any type of scenario, including a red light only feature.

Having the ability to adjust the Velcro strap with one hand makes this headlamp convenient for others to use. My husband used this to work on the car and he quickly adjusted the strap and got to his work. Due to the comfort level and ease of use, this headlamp will be on many adventures with us…whether indoors or outdoors!

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